Tuesday 19 February 2008

just a bunch of stuff

inspiration set
::screengrab of my iphoto "inspiration" set. i regularly grab inspiring and beautiful jpegs to remind myself of projects, colour schemes, etc. it's like my virtual pinboard::

jusr popping in to say hello and to take stock of what feels like a very full plate at the moment, so many things i want to make and do, so many things i NEED to make and do, all taking up space in my already scattered and hormone addled brain:

• top of the list are overdue and soon-to-be-due baby gifties, finished last night and ready to pop in the mail, thank you very much.

• next up is to finally get around to photographing the 4 fleurs i have ready to add to the shop... been meaning to do this for, oh, 6 days now...

• then it's onto the tedious task of cleaning, ironing, photographing, photoshopping and adding close to 50 vintage bits and pieces to the onegirl gathers shop for the update on february 29.

• and finally it's rearranging, reorganising and cleaning like a mad fool in order to make our house presentable, comfortable, and vaguely babyproof enough for a 5 month old as family is coming to stay with us in march - with three bedrooms that are only about 80% completed as far as renovations go...

• add to this list the pile of baby projects i'm itching to get started on, the craft room that's only half unpacked, my first quilt that i've randomly decided to tackle now, the endless research into prams/strollers (i've pretty much decided on the phil and ted's sport buggy. i think. any opinions?), the emails to friends that still haven't been written, keeping an eye out for suitable used car models that will accommodate kids and still be small enough for me to be comfortable with, my first foray into pattern writing for an australian craft magazine, trying to find random fixtures for the house like curtain rods and picture frames, as well as trying to actually sew the curtains, and you can see why i haven't been spending too much time on the computer lately.

good thing i've got some energy back : )


  1. Anonymous4:47 pm

    holy crap leslie, i just got stressed out reading your list of to dos. i don't even want to think about putting mine down in print. good luck!!

  2. That is what pregnancy is! Nesting, renovating, pram choosing (we just bought Phil&Teds - thumbs up!), lots of list-making and no energy to carry it all out so it whirrs in your head!

    P.S - Found really great & cheap baby shop in Sunshine - will e-mail you details. Your part of Yarraville must be free of snakes!?

  3. Anonymous8:23 pm

    oh, i hope your energy level stays high. so you can tackle that list. ganvbatte! good luck!

  4. Anonymous12:25 am

    i love these so much!!! i just posted about you on my blog: http://jessgonacha.blogspot.com/2008/02/easter-bunnies-by.html

    Great work!!

  5. Anonymous1:23 am

    Can't wait to see the new goodies for the baby. Enjoy the process.

  6. busy, busy, busy! i'm a little exhausted just reading it!

  7. That's called:nesting.and with that comes a good "wave of energy", so take advantage. hope , (really hoping) that you keep sharing with us all the amazing things that I know you are gonna make for your little one.and one more thing, do not worry if you don't finish everything, the most important thing your baby will need: YOU (and daddy:)

    P.S. I am way to exited to see that you already shipped Lotte the oobee to me... I'll be waiting!!!!
    Monica Tous

  8. Anonymous11:42 am

    I also like to do that, only it is on my computer rather than my iphoto!

    Wish you good wishes Leslie and goood inspiration!!!


  9. You're making my head spin and I'm not pregnant. Hey! Take time to relish this pregnancy. Enjoy all the changes. Because it will be the first time experiencing all this without the distraction of the ten other babies you will have. HE HE!

  10. Enjoy this nesting phase. I think its the nicest part of pregnancy!

  11. ooh! well you might only manage half of that - but good for you!!

    sounds like you're really enjoying yourself.


  12. That is quite a bit to get done! Good luck with it all :)

  13. i love this list. i made my first quilt post baby #1. I still remember making another whilst in hospital with #2...last minute as usual.

    my quick pram story...

    buying a pram is worse than buying a car.

    we initially bought a peg perego. I was so confused and hormonal and knew that I wasn't going to rush into another baby after #1.

    it was crap, for many reasons.

    and guess what? I was pregnant again 9 months after the first was born.

    SO sold pram #1 and bought a Phil and Ted's. Still have it infact. Loved it. The other option was the Valco (spelling?) but didn't like the toddler option of being up in the open with no shade protection.

    even if you never use the toddler extension, you will find it easy to maneuver in all terrains.

  14. Hi Leslie. Just love your blog and I am a bit of a lurker. About the pram... I've got 4 kids and we got the Valco when we had to get the toddler seat. Its a great pram but it doesn't fit through the supermarket checkout isles. It a real pain. Just make sure its not too wide and it will save you lots of stress. And get one the right height too! Enjoy the pregnacy x Rachel

  15. I never thought of storing an "inspiration" grouping using iphoto. That's a really good idea. I've just been dragging them into a folder and then opening in preview when I need a little pick me up.

    I also love that Moop Market Bag. It's so structurally balanced, yet darling!

  16. Don't overdo it Mama-to-be! Those are alot of things to do!!
    I love the fleurs!
    Thanks for stopping by to wish my lulu a happy birthday!

  17. I'm sorry, I'm tagging you for the seven weird/random things. (see my blog) I don't like chain things, so I really don't why I'm doing it. Bloggers etiquette? But you have a good excuse to not do it...

  18. I just stumbled upon your blog and I actually purchased the bag that is in the second picture in the bottom row. It's the most perfect bag ever! I suggest making it...buying it...marrying it. Something. It's awesome.

  19. lovely collection of images there!

    haha i know how you feel, i hate not being about to get my creativeness out because of all the things i have to do!

    but i love writing lists about it! its the best way to start!!

    lovely blog by the way :D

    xx renee anne


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