Thursday 24 January 2008


roses from flemington market

i'm feeling so much better lately, last week especially the exhaustion seemed to lift and a wee bit of clarity returned to my cloudy head. this week some tossing and turning has rendered me tired beyond reason in the evenings yet again but at least i managed some sewing over the weekend plus got in a much overdue catch up with a good friend. we trekked over to flemington market to devour cupcakes, buy some herbs and pick up these amazing roses, two big bunches for a mere $10. they're opening more every day and still looking gorgeous, wish my rose bushes produced buds like these...

anyway, just popping in to say i'm still alive, still hoping to post here more, still meaning to email so many of you back, still sorting through fabric, still hoping to take pics of the new craft room, still planning on updating both shops. at this point it's looking like onegirl handmade may get some new stock this weekend, while i'm working on a massive update to onegirl gathers for february 29th. i've decided to purge sooooo many things while unpacking the craft room boxes so expect lots of goodies there.

more soon... i have ultrasound pics to share (such an amazing experience!) and baby questions to ask but it's nearing the end of the work day and that's when my newly recovered brain functions start to peter out...

::updated to add: i just checked my post in bloglines (as i do, to make sure the pics still show up, etc) and it suddenly says that i have no subscribers!? now, although things have been a bit sparse around here lately, i'm sure that all 170 odd of you haven't spontaneously given up on me for my laziness - can you let me know if i've dropped off your bloglines somehow? cheers::

:: wait! the plot thickens... now each of my blogline feeds say that there are no other subscribers... must just be some sort of glitch. whew::


  1. I still subscribe via bloglines!

    So glad to hear you and the little one are hanging in there. Hopefully you'll have more energy soon, I found I started to feel human again at about 14 weeks.


  2. So glad to hear that you are doing well....

    I'm sure it takes a while to get used to being pregnant!

    You just take care of yourself and that little one, and us blog friends will survive!

    Lots of love to you,

    Leah xxx

  3. Anonymous6:02 pm

    i am glad you are feeling better. and the baby is growing.
    continue to enjoy the roses. immensely.

  4. There are 174 of us still getting excited when we see your blog in bold type! The roses look fantastic. Hope you are feeling well.

  5. I don't subscribe via bloglines (I use google reader instead), but I do have a bloglines account so I can see how many people are subscribed to my blog using bloglines... I think it is just a bloglines bug, because I noticed that too the other day when I logged in. Actually when I hit refresh a bunch it then showed me how many were subscribed:)

  6. Those roses are amazing. I'm glad you thought to treat yourself to such a lovely (and affordable) gift.

  7. I love ultrasounds and seeing it move around. I'm glad you're feeling a little better.

  8. Anonymous10:46 am

    still reading (had the same fright of nobody love me myself!). Take lots of rest while you can. Inhale the roses and lay on the couch. Be a princess. Oh how I wish I could be a princess again!

  9. Hey Les,
    So glad to hear you're feeling a bit better! I talked to your mom on video phone the other day (she was over at my mom's visiting) and it was awesome to see her. She said you were feeling good, and was very, very excited!
    Miss you!

  10. Beautiful glad you are doing better. Looking forward to seeing your ultrasound pics!

  11. Glad your energy is returning even if it does have a time limit.
    Just be careful not to over do it on your good days even though it's very hard to do.


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