Friday 11 January 2008


baxy's spot in the new craftroom

just peeking my head in to say hello, how are you and happy new year : ) i really haven't been up to anything of interest at all, just growing my wee belly and fighting the exhaustion and the heat. oh, the heat! the days over 35ÂșC (of which there have been many the past month) have reduced me to a miserable, dazed, sodden, whinging mess and i'm already longing for autumn. shane bought me a hammock for christmas and i spent copious amounts of time swaying in the breeze below the lemon tree when it was cool enough over the holidays, devouring book after book, until i'd put away 7 novels in three weeks (too lazy to type out all the titles right now but barbara kingsolver and margaret atwood were heavily featured, along with david eggers). my craft room is, for the most part, finished and unpacking has begun. i just need to find a nice, deep shelving unit for my fabric so i can sort through the 10 or so boxes and decide what i'm keeping and what is heading into the gathers shop. the photo above is baxter's new designated spot on the sofabed in the craft room, he's quite pleased to sit there and watch me put things in their place. it's supposed to be nice and cool this weekend so i have grand plans to finally get something accomplished, possibly *gasp* even some sewing. if nothing else, i'll grab some pics of the teak shelving unit in the craft room so i have something to show and tell next week.


  1. Good to hear from you, Leslie!

    Don't worry about having a slow start.... I always think that January is just an extention of the holidays, and that nothing really happens until Feb.....

    So relax! And grow that belly!

    I don't know if you care for Ikea, but I recommend the full size LACK bookshelves for fabric - I have one and it has nice, deep shelves with plenty of height as well.....

    Anyways, welcome back....

    Leah xxxx

  2. I`m glad you did n`t do mush except relaxing and growing your belly. The belly comes first from now on, yes?
    I wish I had time to pick up some books, but I have to leave it for later. No idea, how much later though.......

  3. Oh it's sounds so relaxing to just sit in a hammock. Heat can be an enemy during pregnancy. At least it won't be so bad in the later months. I am glad you had a relaxing break and baxter is just so cute.

  4. Anonymous3:28 am

    baby on the way! so wonderful!!!!!!!!

  5. happy new year, leslie! the heat sounds terrible. (i'm not much for summer) hang in there!

  6. Anonymous9:37 am

    hammock under the lemon tree....
    so nice.
    super hot hot heat with baby in tired.
    keep up the good work.

  7. We too are considering the hammock option as a means of surviving Melbourne's searing heat! Have just discovered your blog and am enjoying reading it.
    - Kylie

  8. Lying in a hammock next to a lemon tree sounds marvy! minus the heat of course, but i'm pining here for a summer breeze. Enough of winter!!!
    Lovely of Baxie!!!!

  9. reading all those books sounds so wonderful, January is definitely still holiday time. I look forward to seeing your shelves!

  10. Things don't really fire up 'til Feb. Go with the flow & take care of yourself. All that reading sounds lovely.

  11. Love that photo.
    What a photogenic dogbed! So much more bloggable than the tragic and half-chewed mess ours has become!The heat..I'm so with you there. Ditto Margaret Atwood: a fave.

  12. Glad to hear you are doing okay & getting some rest! :) That hammock sounds lovely, even if the heat isn't quite as lovely...
    Baxter looks adorable in that photo:)

  13. i just found your blog -- and etsy sites -- and i love them. congratulations on your pregnancy, that is so wonderful. sleep well, rest well, and have a wonderful day! :) xoxo

  14. congratulations!!!!!!!!!!! I spend every afternoon on the couch....I'm still in the first trimester and totally pooped all day long so get out in the morning and plop on the couch from 1 every day fighting the urge to sleep or be sick!

    hope you get some energy and sewing done soon!


  15. when it is hot and you are pregnant you are allowed to whinge as much as you want to.

    I was 32 weeks pregnant when we had a heat wave up here a few years ago. We had no aircon so I spent most of my days finding airconditioned places to roam around in.

    enjoy that hammock just a little more.

  16. just checking in on you. hoping your still out enjoying the sun... laying in the hammock... and growing a, lindsay

  17. hi leslie- i just wanted to say (a very late) congratulations to you and your partner- i'm so excited to hear you're expecting. i hope you're feeling better soon- i remember those hot, sick, tired days- but they soon pass. keep reading and lying in the hammock! xx


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