Tuesday 18 September 2007

treats from my sister

50s barkcloth fabric

if you've read this blog for awhile, you know that my sister gives the best pressies around. she continued to live up to her reputation very well, as she presented me with a bundle of goodies that she had picked up at a friend's garage sale while i was in canada. yes, that is a section of a rather large piece of perfect condition barkcloth that you see in the photo above and when she handed it to me my jaw nearly hit the floor. it's perfect, perfectly perfect and i don't know that i'll ever be able to use it because it's so perfect. it may just have to live in my stash until i'm an old, old woman and it will be even more special than it is now.

knitting nancy

she also found the 70s gold that is "knitting nancy". how. cute. is. she?

the cute book, of course.

and last, but not least, "the cute book" full of adorable and hilarious toy patterns from aranzi aronzo, which i think my sister said she picked up at urban outfitters. her favourite and most cackle-worthy of all the patterns is the utterly original "kidnapper"...

the kidnapper

and i think i would have to agree. the copy reads:

kidnapper's job is to steal kids.
that white bag is his work bag.
kidnapper is very trim,
so stuffing with cotton
might be hard.
but neat and trim he must be.

gold. pure gold!

• • • • • • • • •

also just wanted to say thanks so much to everyone who has been commenting lately! i've tried to pop into everyone's blogs to say hi or send a quick note back but if i've missed you, it's only because my eyeballs are shriveled little raisins and my brain is vaguely mushy from putting in mucho design overtime this week. thanks again and keep em' coming, checking my email to read new comments is the best part of my day!


  1. I've been following your blog for a while but am not much of a 'commenter'. but saying that you get so much joy out of them has prompted me to write this time. And because the 'kidnapper' is one of the funniest things I've seen in quite a while. gold it is.
    yay for sisters...

  2. Hi Leslie,
    Thank you for you lovely thoughts you wrote on my blog. It's always lovely to have feedback and also feels encouraging when you realise people are actually reading your blog. Anyway I have to say I love the presents your sister gave you especially the "Knitting Nancy", Oh my god that brought back so many memories. My sister and I had one until my mum confiscated it after she caught my sister (younger) chasing me down the hallway, arm in the air with the "Knitting Nancy" needle high in the air ready to attack! Thankfully there were no repercussions. I still love my sister....

  3. Oh my! That book sounds funny:) What wonderful presents from your sister!

  4. Anonymous12:41 am

    I seriously had that book in my hands this weekend to buy... it really is so funny! Crazy gifts like that are the best

  5. Anonymous12:52 am

    cool gifts from your sister! the kidnapper sounds *scary* whoooo. :)

  6. i LOVE knitting nancy. i remember coiling up the ropes and making little rugs.

    what will you do with it?

    your sister goes to good garage sales, and once again i am a little green with envy!

  7. What gems! My son would love that knitting nancy. For the past few weeks he has been french knitting at school with a toilet roll and some paddle pop sticks. At first I thought he would totally hate it. But to my surprise everytime I turn around he's knit'n...when he laid it out last night it was the the full length of the house!!I think they plan to coil it up and make a rug of some sort.

  8. so much goodness - that barkcloth is lovely and that kidnapper is awesome!

  9. How cool are those presents! The vintage knitting nancy is a fab find....I've noticed a resurgence of them, as I've lately seen them in kids toy stores and art supply shops. What a great sister!

  10. Anonymous11:44 am

    love the fabric + that little nancy isn't so bad herself...

  11. The kidnapper is HILAROUS!

    I had a knitting nancy too in the early 70's. My needle was red painted wood, with a very (very) sharp nail-like spike on the end. I took it to school a few times and tried to get the other kids to submit to injections (truly), in a well-meaning 'hospitals' game. Surprisingly nobody wanted one.... :( Nice to see they changed it to a kid-friendly plastic needle. Hee hee.

  12. Anonymous2:32 pm

    Oooooh! I have a vintage knitting nancy in my studio still in the box, too! Let's have coffee this weekend and I will tell you the amazing thing I did with it! x

  13. I don't how many times I have looked at that book, and thought I really don't need another japanese soft toy book, but now I've seen the kidnapper - hell yes I do! and don't you love when people know exactly what you will like? - just what sisters are for.

  14. OMG the kidnapper is very funny hahaha, I had never seen anything like that!
    the barkcloth is awesome!

  15. Anonymous6:59 am

    I am your sister's friend who had the garage sale - we had many treasures to be had that we have collected over the years. We were sad to see a lot of it go (too much stuff, too little room!) but so glad these particular gems found an appreciative home.

    Plus, all the extra space means we can start new collections!


  16. Mmmm.. love a knittin' Nancy! I think Robio on Gertrude St has The Cute Book.. and lots of other adorableness from Japan! They are our new neighbour! Yippee!

  17. Aren't knitting nancies great! You should check out my blog - http://spoolknitter.blogspot.com - it is more about collecting, not so much personal stuff....see ya! Happy Spooling!!


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