Wednesday 19 September 2007


my little photo shoot helper

a picture of my cute doggy, "helping" me out with my shop photo shoot on sunday, an presented here for you because it's almost 10pm (bedtime around here these days) and i just got home from enjoying splendid pizza, beer and company at acqua e vino in yarraville (thanks for the suggestion, dana!) and am too ready for bed to write a proper post (but am prepared to tackle the longest sentence ever, as evidenced here).

have a great night, everyone!


  1. Anonymous10:27 pm

    Hi, just wanted to say that I am loving the daily posts :) and its always nice to see Baxter. Sleep tight we'll 'see' you tomorrow!

  2. Anonymous12:18 am

    aw! cute helper!

  3. hola! baxter is such a cute little helper!! he and Balu would be great pals :-))))
    I love your blog and read you every day. love to see your work and your doggie :-)
    have a fantastic day there!!

  4. Anonymous2:44 am

    so adorable!!

  5. If I had room/time for a dog, I'd get one like Baxter, so cute! Are they an easy breed to take care of?

  6. ooooh, definitely get a dachshund, nicole! they're ridiculously easy to take care of - he loves a walk but gets enough exercise running around the yard all day that he's asleep by my side on the couch by 7pm every night, doesn't shed or have any doggy odour. we lived in an apartment with him for almost a year and it was totally fine (we did have a dog park across the street so he got two big walks a day then). he's pretty territorial of our yard though and barks his little head off at anyone who goes by, which is pretty irritating, but other than that, he's brilliant!

  7. awww! i heart Baxie!!!

  8. Aww your puppy is cute! :) My brother-in-law & his wife have 2 dachshunds and they are sweet little dogs.


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