Monday 17 September 2007

squirrel of snooze

gracy, originally uploaded by squirrel_of_snooze.

my brain is utterly fried after 12 hours of intensive photoshop retouching, adding, subtracting, masking and well, general magic, but just looking at the little fella above makes me feel less fried and more completely charmed.

my internet buddy, erin, creates completely gorgeous, chrochetted animals and has just opened both her blog and an esty shop! you really need to get over there to check her creations out, i'm in awe to think how much work is involved with each one and the colour combinations are simply perfect. i wish i could show them all in this post but it's my first time using flickr directly to do a blog post and it's only letting me add one. trust me, the bunnies, mice and bears MUST be seen!


  1. amazing dog, i love it! -kb

  2. That is adorable! Definitely going to go check out her shop! :)

  3. thank you both so much for those sweet comments, and thank you leslie so, so, so much for featuring me on your blog, and for just being so supportive and helpful. you are wonderful!

  4. Anonymous11:46 am

    how cute- that little clover the kitty is adorable. she has great littles-

  5. Oh, i know the photoshop touching up haha! It can be fun but so time consuming!
    Love the crocheted doggie!!!


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