Thursday 5 July 2007

new mandates

i had a second appointment with my doctor today, to discuss the results of my ultrasound(s) and blood work. all the blood tests were fine but the ultrasound revealed that i have polycystic ovaries (i was just googling so i could link to an explanation of this but all the results sounded far, far more dire than what my doctor explained to me and i don't even have the most crucial of symptoms which is missed or irregular periods so i'm not going to bother. wish i hadn't just read all that scary stuff though...) which could mean that i'm not ovulating every month (but not necessarily as my blood work indictated that this past month was all systems go). the polycysticness (? making up words here) can be easily sorted out by taking a slight hormone adjustment should we decide to do something about it but i think we'll give it a few more months before resorting to hormones. and as such, here are my healthy new mandates to reduce stress and improve my general well-being:

• regular sunday morning walk with baxter

• tuesday and thursday workout in the gym. i plan to do some spinning class podcasts i found awhile back and haven't tried out yet. i used to do spinning workouts regularly and loved it.

• get out for more lunchhour walks on monday, wednesday and fridays or ride my bike to the post office if i have orders to go out.

• plan the weekly meals before i hit the shops and try to use up some of the pantry items we already have, especially as we've been a bit slack in the food department with house renos on the go. we usually eat pretty well but i still want to include even more veggies, wholegrains, etc and make it a priority to have healthy, easy options available.

• further reduce/cut out sugar and caffeine. oh, okay, and alcohol. i've greatly reduced my red wine intake the last few months and cut out coffee altogether about 4 months ago but the last month or so i've allowed the odd coffee to sneak back in, had a glass of wine or two more often than i probably should and have raided the chocolate truck at work MUCH more often than necessary (really, though - we have a large, plastic tractor full of mini chocolate bars in the office. resistance is almost futile.) so more herbal teas, no coffee, limited wine, very limited to no chocolate.

any other suggestions?


  1. Anonymous7:32 pm

    only one more suggestion... don't forget to just put your feet up and relax!

    I am sure that all of this other stuff will make you feel so good anyway. Oh one more thing ~ maybe some oysters and any other aphrodesiacs that you can think of ;)

    Good Luck!!!

  2. Anonymous11:51 pm

    oh good news! from the girlfriends i have who have this it seems like a common condition- i'm glad you are giving yourself a few months without the extra headaches of additional hormones (although my one girlfriend on them seemed as normal as she was before)- she now has an 8 month old boy. good luck ! don't feel guilty about ingesting what most of us mothers did in excess before we got pregnant- sounds like you are going to be a great mom already!!!

  3. Also - I would advise taking pre-natal vitamins. Your body needs many nutrients and especially folate for a baby to develop. I take them still because I am nursing. Actually I've been on those vitamins for years - 6? But this is good news for you because not everyone ovulates every month.

  4. i agree with what the others said, the pre-natel vitamins, relaxation stuff and try not to try so hard, i mean to say the stress of TTC is enough to make an effect (meaning the more you worry and stress out from trying the longer it takes to get preggers). Oh and i read that accupunture (with a fertility accupuncturist) can work wonders! I may be trying that soon!
    I am doing cycle monitoring now (lots of internal ultrasounds and blood tests) so will know in a few weeks it i have any problems).
    Good luck leslie!

  5. I have 2 other friends with polycysticness too, so I think it's more common than what the rest of us realise. Anyway, both of them seem to be able to swing things back into ship-shape by getting fit and eating healthy. So I think you're on the right track.

    You could limit your alcohol to red wine, and your chocolate to dark chocolate, cause everyone knows that they are actually really good for you. ;)

    Also, what about yoga? It seems strange but yoga is excellent for balancing hormones.

    good luck .xx.

  6. Maybe a mini long weekend break is in order, too? It does good to be out of your regular surroundings now and then, and just relax on holiday. Parents of a best friend of mine were trying for four years (ages ago now) to no avail, then they decided to go on holiday...and whomp, bun in the oven. Maybe some meditation and yoga, to get your mind off thinking about the trying too much...and relax yourself, too.
    Best of luck to you!

  7. Anonymous10:51 am

    Most importantly- relax and be kind to yourself, it will happen.
    On a health note- plenty of water and plenty of sleep.
    Good luck Leslie.

  8. I monitored my basal body temperature when trying for both my girls. heck your chemist for a kit (a thermometer and a chart).
    Oh and plenty of S...E...X !! :)

  9. So glad to hear your results were pretty good!

    I think you should just eat, drink and be merry - have whatever you want when you want it without trying to create the perfect environment.

    That little person will come when it's good and ready. Are you ready? Got a feeling it's not to far off myself. :)

    We'll have to organise a Blog meet baby shower.......

  10. You poor thing...but it's a good thing that you are pretty much symptom free. I have suffered from PCOS for many years and I have some pretty bad symptoms. The best thing for me is stay on a low GI diet and cut out sugar & caffeine...which is the hardest thing ever! I am such an addict. I find that when I eat lots of sugar or carbs, my symptoms get worse. Dont worry, you will conceive.
    Be careful if your doctor suggests putting you on a drug called Metformin to help you ovulate. Read up on it first because the side effects are horrendous. I'm certain that you can overcome this with simple lifestyle changes.
    I'll be including you in my visualisations and thoughts...just be patient with your self sweetie.
    Hugs xxx

  11. I think all of your mandates sound very healthful. I will be keeping you in my good wishes and thinking positive fertile thoughts for you! (That sounded creepy but I assure you it wasn't meant as such.)

    One minor thing -- my girlfriend had a lot of problems with conceiving. She was a vegetarian and wasn't getting enough protein. When she went back to eating more eggs & legumes, and lean meat two or three times a week, she was pregnant within three months.

    Hope it doesn't freak you out to have everyone giving advice. I really echo everyone else's comments -- just take it easy and be very kind and gentle with yourself!

  12. I didn't read everyone's comments, but I am going to agree with at least the first two who said relaxing and taking pre-natal vitamins. (Oh and Nikkishell's comment too;)


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