Friday 6 July 2007


(i got nothin' in the way of creative titles today.)

thanks for all the feedback on my last post - i'll definitely add some relaxation techniques to the mandate and just try to not to worry about things in general. i've been interested in meditation for awhile now so maybe it's time to investigate further. work is going to be changing a bit over the next while and we're adding a few members to the creative team so that will alleviate some pressures - thank god. and i've been taking pre-natal vitamins for about four months now so that base is covered as well : )

as for a holidays and mini-breaks, i've got quite a few things lined up that i'm really looking forward to including a gold coast work conference where a bunch of us are staying on for the weekend and the strong possibility of working in the toronto office for a couple of weeks in august with a sidetrip to edmonton to visit family and buddies. very much looking forward to both of those and then the grand holiday finale of 10 days in broome/exmouth this october - sweet!

and just to remind myself that this is, in fact, a craft blog and not my personal counselling session, take a look at the lovely fabric i got in the mail last week, ordered from z&s fabrics:

new fabric

beautiful fabrics at GREAT prices and the international shipping is only $11 for up to 6 yards. man, i'm almost talking myself into another order - must keep my recent expensive (and fabulous, by the way) computer purchase in front of mind.


  1. Anonymous10:59 pm

    Ooooo pretty fabric......

  2. Those fabrics are gorgeous!

  3. Those fabrics are lovely! (And you can ignore my comment on your last entry, I left it and then read this one...)

  4. Thanks for the heads up on the fabric and sale! I placed an order today - looking forward to it arriving!!


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