Tuesday 3 July 2007

expensively clumsy

my little macbook slipped off the edge of the couch last night - a spot where it regularly lives and has never had a mishap before - and upon picking it up, my heart sank. the display has shattered into a crazy splattered mess (something that i never ever knew LCD screens could do) and, although the harddrive is intact (thank god), it’s essentially unusable.

now, i’ve had this wee laptop for almost 4 years now and was pretty due for an upgrade anyway but was trying to put it off for another year as apple currently doesn’t really have anything that strikes my fancy. i love the compact size of my 12” so would love a 13” but they now only come with a glossy screen. and glossy screams to me REFLECTIVE which equals ANNOYING. the only way to get the screen i want is to jump up to the macbook pro, which only comes in 15” or 17” and has a huge price leap. you see the predicament i was in this morning, faced with an unusable computer and the fact that i really and truly need one at home.

so i bit the bullet, hoped onto the apple australia website, found a sale section with quite a few refurbished machines and, $2400 later, ordered myself a snappy new (refurbished) 15” macbook pro, which should be here tomorrow or the next day. i’m a bit excited now and probably will be more so once i get rid of the sick feeling in my stomach for having to drop so much cash due to my renowned clumsiness.


  1. Yikes! I'm so sorry for your accident.:(

    Yah! I'm so happy to hear you got a new one! :)

  2. Oh!
    I guess your previous laptop made the decision for you :).

    Good luck with new one!!!!

  3. Anonymous5:07 pm

    whoops :(

    but don't worry the sick feeling will pass and you will be left with an exciting new computer in its place... Yay!

  4. I'm sure that sick feeling will be replaced with excitement once it arrives!!

  5. Oooooohhhh, I so know that feeling, the dropped laptop, the moment of blind panic when the bloody thing won't turn on......ugh!

    I've got accidental damage cover on my new one, so basically if you drop it or do something equally as clumsy, you can claim it on insurance, and they'll give you a new one. Bonus!
    A friend of mine got a whole new Powerbook to replace her old one when one of the kids ran past the power cord and, .....s m a s h ......

  6. Ouch! That's a very expensive toy, especially when you weren't expecting to replace it yet. But surely the new one will make you happy again once you get it.

  7. you are all so right! it's here! and slightly huge! but i love it. it's so fun discovering all the new perks - the keyboard lights up!

  8. Anonymous10:18 pm

    my heart sinks for you. I just upgraded from an old G4 to a 17" macpro. I bought it through a 3rd party company here in Australia. My husband buys a lot from them for his business, and we saved quite a bit...still a huge outlay though. Guarantees are the same as apple. Worth a look in the future.

    all the best.

    I'm nervous about having mine near the kids and their drinks, but I just know that one day it will be me knocking over a cup of tea and that will be that. :(

  9. i feel for you leslie...
    my first laptop.. a 15" titanium was dropped off my bed so many times!!... its amazing i was able to keep that machine alive for 5 years.. that titanium casing was the ultimate shield against my clumsiness, i must say. the second machine i bought used on ebay for $1200..and not knowing its past, i dont recommend anyone buying a used machine outright without buying it from the pros. Even though i saved a pretty penny or two on that purchase, i only got about two years out of it before my harddrive needed to be put to rest. (so sad)...so I splurged. i own the macbook pro 17incher now, and i love it. its so hard not working in bed or on the couch though!.. (im on my comfy bed as i type this) -- i take really good care of it though, i do!

  10. oh, that's too bad!
    hope you enjoy the new one!

  11. Oh my goodness, not a good feeling! I hope you enjoy your new computer though:)


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