Friday 6 July 2007

ye olde oobee blog

i was just fiddling around with my blog settings and noticed that my old oobee blog had over 35 comments awaiting moderation! i was never able to get comments on that blog and always had comment moderation off so i'm not sure what the glitch was there but now that i'm in the new blogger format, they've all appeared! it was so lovely to have some feedback on older posts i'd written and projects i had shown and i feel so bad that i never replied to anyone. especially the lovely sooz, carolyn, jessica, the shopping sherpa, and abbyjane who i just found out regularly left me encouragement and advice that i never saw. to everyone who ever left me a comment there, please accept my sincerest thank you, however late it may be!


  1. oh my goodness it is the eighth already and I had so much to catch up on. computer mishaps - phew glad you sorted that out - I hate not having my computer. like your plans for the weekly looking after you schedule - good luck with the baby trying thing - at least the trying is fun!! and what fun to have those new fabrics - more oobees? will try to stay on top of my bloglines in future - look what you miss otherwise!

  2. oh I hope you don't mind but I tagged you too


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