Monday 18 June 2007



i mentioned a few posts ago that i've been on a bit of a design rampage - in addition to the lovely new windsee, i've been pondering paint colours and garden layout/design for our house. we've got this beautiful, loaded camellia tree (bush? it looks like a tree but aren't camellias referred to as bushes?) in front of the house that sadly needs to be moved and probably won't survive so i'm trying to make most of it this year. there are also 4 or 5 other camellias that are just starting to bloom now that i've been feeding and treating them - it's ridiculously exciting to me to see what the blooms look like on each tree as they appear. i really need to sit down and figure out what i want from the garden though; i have so many ideas and just need to organize them... a veggie patch, a huge herb garden, more camellias, rosebushes for the front, a couple of apple trees, and a few grevilleas to attract some cute green parrots are all in the cards so far... oh, and the hydrangeas, the hellebores, the blueberry bushes and raspberry canes. yep, i really need to get that sorted.

and this little fella is on his way to canada to live with sarah as we speak:
sarah's windsee

i couldn't bear to part with the little pinky one after we'd spent so much time together - hope you don't mind, buddy!


  1. Soooo cute!!! Tony loves what he calls "the polka dot underwear" and I heartily agree! We're looking forward to some Edmonton fun, and now with this little guy arriving there I am even more excited!
    Thanks, thank, thanks!!

  2. Oh, and about the gardening ... there's this guy in Edmonton that did a talk on food-producing landscape and he rules! Basically he makes visually appealing landscaping ENTIRELY out of region-appropriate, food producing plants and flowers! It totally looks wonderful, and is oh-so edible. Neat! I would love to have the space/time for a huge garden so I could try out some of these kinds of ideas, and also I would love to experiment with Companion Planting too! Ah, the garden!

  3. I love that picture...what beautiful colors.

  4. Anonymous3:32 pm

    awww, a windsee - I love him!

  5. Oh, windsee has a long way to fly...he will be all tuckered out by the time he reaches his new home! so cute!

  6. Anonymous6:37 pm

    Love the green and pink together.... have just been looking at your etsy shop... think an oobee might have to be purchased for the niece/nephew that is on the way ...

  7. Ohh.. windsee has such cute skinny baby legs! And look at your camellia.. so very FANTASIA! Nice to ready your lovely blog! xx pip

  8. egh! sounds like you and me have a bit of garden design taste in common :)

    Although I shall sadly never grow raspberries in Auckland again. Talk about rampant... ! Next time they'll be in pots. Like the mint will.

    And it is time to start ordering the fruit trees. And getting the veggie patch ready.

    How will we find the time?


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