Sunday 24 June 2007


swap goodies from faun

just look at the pile of goodness that arrived last week from lovely faun of the red button tree! i was extra excited by the arrival of this package as it had been missing in action for almost 2 months - still don't know what aus post was doing with it as it doesn't have any "inspected by customs" stickers on it, sneaky aus post... anyway, it came filled all sort of handmade treats and her amazing handspun yarn in colours that couldn't be more perfect. i schemed with my good buddy and workmate emily over what to make with them - i'm thinking a little neck warmer that folds and buttons in the front with the gorgeous muted purple hued one and the cream with fabric bits spun through it just screams perfect simplicity to me. just a simple knit rectangle that i'll use as a table mat in my craft room (although i'll probably be too scared to put anything on it). once i get through the shop update next weekend, it's time for a bit of knitting!

speaking of the shop update, it's still on schedule for next sunday - i should have 5 or 6 oobees, 5 windsees and a few of ANOTHER new toy design! (design rampage, i tell ya.) i'm thinking about having a regular update on the first of every month and removing anything that's left when i put in the new stuff. i think this might be a good way to keep my shop filled with fun new things and still allow me to stockpile some stuff for a few markets i'm hoping to do before christmas... we'll see!


  1. Oooh that bunch of goodies is desperately exciting.

    I'm salivating at the cream one! Want, want want! In a nice way :)

    Bring on the design rampage!

  2. can you imagine the tales that parcel could tell of it's journey, if only it could speak :)

  3. that yarn. so amazing. it's like you could frame it.

  4. Those goodies look lovely!

    I agree with dottie angel, if only the package could speak:)


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