Tuesday 15 May 2007

sweet, sweet swap goodness

i was on the receiving end of some amazing swap bounty last week. first off there was a huge package from stephanie of A Little Deer and Ponies and Sugar Cookies with sooooo many goodies inside! fabrics o' plenty, martha stewart's living and dwell magazines (which are just perfect as i'm all consumed with house renos at the moment), chocolate and lovely teas and the piece de resistance - one of her sweet wee paintings. i love everything so much!

lovely mixed media artwork...

fabric swap bounty

and then a mere two days later i got another much anticipated pack of treats from the lovely emily of The Black Apple. i finally have my own black apple softie plus she sent along a pack of her postcards, great fabric, some of martha's new craft line goodies and the most amazing japanese craft book called "come home" which has page after page of stunning house inspiration.

black apple swap bounty

thanks you so very much, ladies! i am now officially rotten.

spoiled rotten, that is.


  1. what gorgeous packages. Lucky girl!!!

    It's so funny that you should get some herringbone. I've been on the hunt for weeks. I think I might search ebay now.

  2. Anonymous4:05 am

    Wow - looks like you scored!!

  3. Ooo! I love stephanie's creations and black apple! Gosh was a great day for mail, eh?


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