Wednesday 16 May 2007

some lovely granny

granny squares

i made a lunchhour dash to a nearby salvation army op shop last week and the thrift gods were smiling down upon me when they dropped a bag full of crocheted granny squares in my lap for a mere $4.50. this was an extra exciting discovery for me because i've been taunted lately with images of adorable granny squares popping up here, there and everywhere and i personally am without the crochet *knack*. i admit i am somewhat skilled in many things but crochet just baffles me, time and time again. and now i have no further need to learn!

some of the squares had already been sewn together so i'll be using them for a scarf but i'm looking for other creative suggestions for my loose stash... any ideas?


  1. Love the way you photographed the granny squares outside!
    scarves are a great idea!

  2. Yeah for thrift stores!
    You could frame the granny squares

  3. some of bjork's promotional shots for her latest album show her in what appear to be crocheted sleeves & bodices.

    i like some of them very much ... the greys, dark purple, and browns.

    your colour schemes are a bit different here though::

  4. What a great find. I'm planning to learn how to make granny squares. Hopefully that goes well. I saw a tote bag made with granny squares at a local shop. It was really cute.


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