Friday 18 May 2007

seven things

i've been tagged by comfies (real name unknown, she's a sneaky one) to write 7 things about myself that i haven't written here before. this grey weather day seems like a perfect chance for some introspection so let's start off with a biggie:

1. shane and i have been trying to add a wee keating to our family for 5 months now with no success. each month we're getting a bit more disheartened and, let's face it, a little scared. i know, really, that 5 months isn't that long in realistic terms but it feels like our lives are sort of on hold waiting for a positive result and every day that i have my period feels like failure. and the fact that every blog i read and everyone i know seems to be announcing their pregnancy these days is getting me down (not that i'm not incredibly happy for each and every one of you, it just sucks for me.) the fact that it took my mom 4 years to get pregnant with my sister and another 4 years (almost exactly, we're born 4 years and 2 weeks apart) to have me weighs heavily on my nearly 32 year old mind.

2. on a lighter note, in order to stop thinking so much about babies, i've been scheming a bit of a business plan to bring together my hobbies in a way that will hopefully generate some cashflow and keep me happy. i'm not going to spill the full beans here yet but i may have found a way to combine my love of thrifting/antiques, photography and making handmade designs all into one neat package!

3. random fact: i wore (progressively stronger) glasses since 1st grade and probably needed them younger than that. my mom was horrified when my teacher had to call her aside to express her concern that i couldn't see the board. i made the jump to contacts as young as i could (13). two years ago i had lasik surgery and, although my vision isn't 100% perfect, it's amazing how quickly i've forgotten that i ever wore glasses at all.

4. my first car was a 1978 dark green honda civic that i LOOOOOOVED even though it (quite literally) broke down every two weeks for the 3 years i had it and then finally died, engulfed in a huge, dark plume of exhaust. i sold it at a garage sale for $40 with no keys to even open the doors.

5. although i grew up in canada, i loath the cold, do not ski and don't say "eh" (very often).

6. my favourite spot in the world is exmouth, western australia. we spent about 10 days camped there during our trip around australia in 2005 - picture empty white beaches, coral reef 2 meters off the beach, sea turtles everywhere and teeny tiny sand dollars washed ashore. i loved it so much and sadly thought we probably wouldn't be back for a long time (it's kind of in the middle of nowhere) but we got 2 free flights anywhere in australia with our mortage and are planning a caravan trip from broome to exmouth in october this year. CAN'T. WAIT.

7. i hate being stuck in traffic. i would rather take a longer way home that keeps me moving than sit in a queue of cars, waiting.

i'm not going to tag anyone but i DO love to read all these extra bits about everyone so please feel free to pick up the tag if you haven't done it yet and leave a comment so i can read yours.


  1. Anonymous3:38 pm

    I know there's not much anyone can say to reassure you when you're trying to get pregnant and it's not happening, but I wanted to try anyway : )
    I just wanted to tell you that at 19, we still had to try for 8 months to concieve. It turned out we just needed a holiday, to cut out the stressing and pressure and just relax for a week. It's impossible to do, but really it seems the less you 'try' the more luck you have of concieving.
    Anyway, rant over. Thanks for sharing your facts, and good luck with the baby making!I really enjoy your blog and I'll be reading along to see how you get on.

  2. Anonymous4:21 pm

    when i read #1 of your 'seven things', i felt so touched...almost like you were describing EXACTLY what my husband and i are going through right now. feeling 'scared + disheartened' as the months go by with no luck {you said it perfectly}, battling with family history {my mum wasn't able to have children after 30}, not to mention everyone we know having babies, except us {being so happy for them, and a little sad, too}. it's been a year for us now, and we're pretty drained - but we still approach each month with hope :)
    thank you for making me feel not so alone anymore :) stay strong, have faith + find comfort in each other...and good luck making babies!

  3. Anonymous8:57 pm

    Your comment about making babies really touched me. We tried for 2 1/2 years before being blessed with Angus, who was so impatient that he came 9 weeks early... My Mum's advice was always have a couple of drinks and relax, and my grandmothers advice was to perform a post-coital headstand :) It worked for us and provided no end of laughs...
    Exmouth sounds lovely, can you post some photos?

    Good Luck and I look forward to finally meeting you next week.

  4. Anonymous9:10 pm

    Yep, having a drink helps! It took 9 months to conceive each of our little ones. So my advice is to have that glass of wine and r e l a x.
    Good luck!

  5. I'm with you on #3! Though my vision is now 20/15!! Sometimes I still can't believe that I can see the clock in the morning. I got glasses at age 7, contacts at age 12.

    The link to my seven things:

  6. Oh leslie, i know the frustrations of trying to conceive...Steve and i have been trying for just over a year for our own wee one!
    And i'm in my early 40's!!
    I've been reading lots of fertility books and can give you lots of good tips (i'll email you)
    I just gave up alcohol and caffeine to improve my chances, since the stats say they can interfere with getting preggo.

    Oh, i too had to get glasses in Grade 6, and i constantly refused to wear them, hiding them in my desk!! I couldn't get contacts cos of extra dry eyes!
    And i too do not say EH!
    Gosh, we have alot in common!

  7. You know...funny thing about babies are they come when you least expect it. It seems all of the couples I have know who have struggled, became pregnant when they stopped thinking about it. Does that make sense? You take care, do all the things you should and a baby will come your way. I've heard too that men should wear as loose of underwear they briefs! :) No hot tubs either or long will happen deary!

  8. Anonymous3:47 pm

    I'm with you on the traffic thing..and all my baby wishes are headed your way...I like the idea of the post coital headstand myself!What a hoot!

  9. leslie, i truly sympathize because i'm 38 and me and tony have been trying for over a year. and i know what you mean, it seems like other people get pregnant at the drop of a hat, but i try not to focus on that too much. i just keep telling myself it will happen or it won't, and either way somehow it's all going to be OK, but hopefully it will happen. i like the idea that a glass of wine could do the trick too, that sounds good to me! well, i'm rooting for you two, and regarding your business plan - i love it! whatever it is, i can't wait to hear more about it because i'm already sooooo impressed with your talents and i love to see people taking it up to the next level! so you go!

    p.s. my name is danica. i don't know why i don't put my name out there, very silly. xox!!

  10. leslie, i think it's so brave and thoughtful of you to put this out there. i know so many women who are struggling with similar issues, and even though there's nothing that i can say to make it better for you, i do think that being brave enough to discuss it in this forum will help you & help other people that might be having the same concerns. i think you & shane will make fabulous parents, sometimes it does just take a lot of time, but all it takes is once! don't give up hope, it will happen for you one way or another.

  11. Anonymous7:47 am

    Thanks for sharing all the extra bits about you, they're really good to read. And I so know how you feel about the baby stuff. It took me a year to get pregnant - I didn't even get my period back for six months after I stopped taking the pill, and then it was another six months after that until it happened. It's really frustrating and scary. But it seems like it's the same for lots of people (unfortunately I was surrounded by people who "got pregnant the first month" the whole time we were trying!!!), so I'm sure things will work out for you guys soon.


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