Sunday 20 May 2007

you guys rule.

thank you so much, each and every one of you, for your comments and emails about my last post. i really do feel a lot better hearing all of your experiences - it just isn't commonly talked about, how long this can really take. i had no idea, really, when we started. i spent so many years trying NOT to get pregnant, i guess i was conditioned to think that as soon as there was no protection involved, a baby would result! thanks to a lot of thinking and your kind words i'm really feeling a lot more chilled out about the whole thing. i'd also had it in my head that i wanted to leave work at christmas and not have to go back and so have been putting a fair amount of pressure on us for the last few months. now that that "deadline" has passed and i've got a few crafty things brewing, i think we can relax and let nature take it's course (in saying that, now that i've spilled the beans, you can expect a melodramatic rant when i get my period this month).

in normal blog news, i spent a pretty domestic weekend, sewing goodies for a blog meet next week (fairly nervous - anyone else?) and printing up some new tags for a new batch of oobees:

new oobee tags

they're inkjet printed but heat treated and sprayed with matt fixative so i'm thinking they should be pretty waterproof. i just couldn't be bothered digging my gocco out of the shed to do a round like my last bunch but i'm thrilled with how these turned out in the end - just hope they stand up to a few washes...


  1. Anonymous1:46 am

    Those tags are really nice - I like the texture and natural quality of them.

  2. Anonymous7:21 am

    oh, good luck with the baby!

  3. Anonymous12:46 pm

    hope things work out for you really soon.
    the tags look lovely. :0)

  4. Anonymous5:01 pm

    Ooohhh! I love your tags. You will have to give me some tips, mine frayed on the edges and ended up having a backing ironed on.

  5. i love the natural feel of those tags...

  6. Anonymous10:19 pm

    your tags are super!


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