Tuesday 20 March 2007

catching up::part I::mail

the few days before my mom arrived were a flurry of delightful mail. firstly my duaflex was delivered in perfect condition with it's wee add-on lens attachments and even a huge flash that attaches on the side. it's too cool for school but i discovered i need to build a contraption to block the light from reflecting off the viewfinder so that my photos come out clearer and blah de blah, blah - just haven't gotten around to it yet. still quite excited by the duaflex though... i'll get around to it next week, i'm sure.

i also received another great treat from ebay - a replacement raynox msn-200 macro lens for my old Nikon 995. long time readers may recall i retired my old camera with a little tribute last september and complained mightily that i'd lost my macro lens that took such great shots. i finally broke down and hunted for one on ebay, managing to win it (and ship it) for the tidy sum of about $30! sweeeet. and so my 995 comes out of retirement. i've only taken it out a few times since but expect many more images like this:
tiny grevillea
and this:
from now on.

and, saving the best for last, i also received a fabulous surprise parcel from belinda containing piece after piece of wonderful fabric just perfect for a new batch of oobees i've got brewing.

gorgeous gifted fabric from tutti fruiti

gorgeous gifted fabric from tutti fruiti

thanks so much belinda!! (aren't fellow bloggers just unbelievably lovely?)


  1. Anonymous6:43 pm

    Those shots are fantastic!

  2. Great photos!....and great fabric! Can't wait to see the new batch of softies.

  3. what beautiful fabrics leslie!
    and nice photographs, the nature shots are so amazing,
    have fun with your camera!

  4. Anonymous1:39 pm

    gorgeous fabric

  5. I have no idea what you are talking about with all that camera jargon but whatever it does is amazing! Good one!

  6. Anonymous6:02 pm

    wnderful photos- i don't understand those new contraptions but you obviously do!
    That fabric is to die for.

  7. Oh dear lord above--just surfing around when I saw my parents' sheets from the late 70s! (The bottom set) Who knew I should have hung onto those things? Enjoy making beautiful things out of them :)


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