Monday 5 February 2007

slowing down


in an attempt to help the overwhelming exhaustion that's been plaguing me in recent weeks, i ventured to brighton beach yesterday with shane and my sister-in-law for a few blissful hours of lazing in the sun, snorkelling over starfish, anemones and the odd beer can, and seeking out all tiny or especially beautiful shells. ...sigh... nice. it's been far too long since i was at the beach.

it was a busy little weekend in my shop as well, with 5 oobees now currently in transit to their new homes in canada, the UK and right here in australia after a trip to the post office this morning. it makes me so excited every time i get notice that something has sold - i really, really love it! and although selling makes me want to get into the craft room and MAKE MORE, MUST MAKE MORE, i've decided to take this week off crafting to concentrate on my buddy's website. i've been procrastinating on it for too long so i'm going to really dedicate some time every night this week with the reward of a full-day sewfest planned for sunday. i have about 5 oobees cut out and ready to sew, most out of fabulously patterned vintage cotton, and i can't wait to see them all finished up with wee faces. cute.

and, without further ado, here's a wee monday blog treat, just one this time 'cause i'm still pretty tired...

ruby crowned kinglette
this is one of my very favourite new (to me) blogs, i absolutely love the writing style and brilliant craft work displayed. just realized that i don't actually know the author's name but she's pretty clever, all the same. oh wow, rhyming. i am tired - just go over for a visit already!


  1. wow how exciting, well done on the etsy sales.

  2. What is it with this crafting addiction? I too have in place a self imposed ban from the sewing machine after too many midnight sewing fests!! Nice to hear you took some time out to Love the sea urchin shells!

  3. Ruby Crowned Kinglette is the blog of Stephanie S. She is totally awesome! What a great pick. :)

  4. leslie, what a nice surprise to find you linked to my site today! thank you. it is a perfectly lovely way to start the week. your treasures from the beach look wonderful, especially the sea urchin shells, beautiful.

  5. ooh the beach! Lucky!
    we're in the midst of a brutal cold snap - ARGH!
    congrats on the sales!

  6. Thanks for your blog treats! I'm always looking forward to these posts. Love your stuff, by the way.

    OK, back to lurking again

  7. Sounds like you've been busy indeed! Go oobees, go! Aww, look at all those teeny little shells - it's my favourite thing to collect shells at the beach.

    I received your beautiful little pendant this week too! I think it went to the wrong address (although you wrote it correctly) because it had written on it "sorry, I opened it accidently" - wierd. Anyway, thank you so much - it's so teeny and sweet. :)

  8. Anonymous5:06 am

    Looks like you might have some new stuff to make pendants...what a selection! Man what I wouldn't do to be snorkelling somewhere warm it's um 12 degrees out here.
    OH and I got your Oobee and other wonderfulness. THANK YOU! I just finished gushing about you on my blog.

  9. Lovely link, thank you.

    And your blog is beautiful. (Here via secondhand gods).


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