Sunday 4 February 2007

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swallow dive

so i spent most of last week designing, printing and sewing a full line of greeting cards which are in my shop now. i've long been in love with vintage dictionary images, the wee little illustrations found in musty old editions, and was lucky enough to come across a royalty free collection of these a number of years ago. they sat unused on my computer until i discovered the magic of inkjet printing on fabric and then they quickly became a line of greeting cards. the creamy, textured card stock that they're sewn onto is the same paper that used to be in my sketchbooks and some photo albums (also had extra thick black stock for those). when i would place an order for paper, i would have to order by the carton to keep per book costs to a minimum. this would often mean boxes and boxes (and boxes) of cut pages arriving at one time but it also meant, because i'd have to finangle how many pages i could get cut out of the large carton size sheets (usually 26" x 40"), there would be a bit of waste paper once the logistics were worked out. and me, i'm not so big on waste, no siree. so i came up with the line of cards to use up that extra paper and worked out like a puzzle how all these different sized pagers and cards could come out of one big piece. the cut card pieces were then cut and scored and delivered with the square envelopes i'd ordered to go along with them (all from coast paper in vancouver, by the way. it's a wholesale paper company so you need a business account to buy from them BUT the vancouver office has this amazing cash and carry outlet where they sell excess orders and stock for ridiculous prices. great for 11 x 17" card stock and envelopes of all sizes.)


anyway, i still have card stock for about 300 cards but only envelopes and cellophane bags for about 100 so i guess these are slightly limited edition unless i decide to buy a whole heap more down the track. it was just really fun and satisfying to make these again, with new fabric and thread colours (my favourite part is the matching up of thread to compliment the fabric and subject matter.) i thought they might be a handy add-on for people buying oobees as gifts or i might put together a pack of 4 for a special price? what do you guys think?


  1. Anonymous10:01 pm


  2. these are beautiful! i love them all.

  3. I think those are absolutely elegant and I would buy a 4-pack, or two, easily.

  4. Anonymous10:03 am

    Very cool! will go check out that etsy store now....

  5. oh, lovely cards, such nice colors and love the illustration work..
    4-pack or 2-pack is a great idea.

  6. Anonymous11:52 pm

    i love those "little things"...pardon my english...but you're talking about cards.. is it? isn'it cotton? i'll have a look on esty to get some more...
    lovely and delicate stuff here anyway ! cheers from france

  7. Anonymous2:19 pm

    I just love these so much. Beautiful colours and prints. Excuse my ignorance, but how do you print on fabric?
    I'm going to yuor etsy shop right now to purchase some.

  8. thanks everybody, you're too sweet : )

    helle, i print them through my inkjet printer, it works amazingly well. i have a tutorial on how to do it way back in the archives, here's a link:

  9. Anonymous4:53 pm

    these are absolutely beautiful. I think you're very clever!


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