Monday 12 February 2007

lots and lots

first of all: we bought a house!!!! yayyyyyy! after searching for over 8 months, we sealed the deal (and a good deal it was) on saturday. woo hoo! there's quite a bit of news from the past week, so make yourself comfortable for a reeeeeally long post. here's how my week went down:

MONDAY: faxed through our offer on the house. very busy at work. worked on sandy's site a bit in the evening.

TUESDAY: shane and i had to leave work a bit early to go sign our "official" offer, then out for dinner at the pub with some pals and home to sketch out a bit more of sandy's site.

WEDNESDAY: crazy day at work. crazy. super busy, feel like my brain is going to implode, have to work a bit more at home in the evening so sandy's site falls by the wayside once again. no word on our house offer...

THURSDAY: another ridiculous day at work plus i have to leave at 3pm to get fingerprinted (of all things) for a criminal record check for my permanent residency appplication that is due march 8. while i'm in the CBD (downtown), i stop at dean's art for some basic watercolour supplies that i've had a hankering for lately (i feel i deserve a treat, too). then have to work on intensive photoshops files on my wee laptop screen until 10:30 pm to try and catch up. still no word on the house...

FRIDAY: work. work. work. more head exploding. call realtor at 5pm to see what's going on, he is at the hospital welcoming in his first child (!!!!) and, very flustered, says he'll track down an answer. i leave work and by the time i get home, shane has had the call that our offer has been accepted!! yay! we have a beverage or two to celebrate but then shane has to go back into work at 9pm for a few hours. i whip out the watercolours and do a few colour studies (don't really know what else to do with them yet...):

colour studies

and then, bored with that, have a sudden urge to do a bit of knitting:

wip cowl

and so start a cowl for myself for the upcoming autumn season. the colour in this pic is way off, it's more of a light sea green. i'm doing some sort of "moss diamond" stitch from a book i have, with is indescipherable here. the yarn is a merino/alpaca/angora blend found at a thrift shop and soooo looooovely, great to work with. i'm really enjoying knitting again and now of course have three or four projects ticking away in my head that i don't honestly even have time to consider - especially with upcoming vacation with mom, moving house and then months and months of renovations...

SATURDAY: we go to the house to pick up the signed paperwork and take another tour around, this time with measuring tape. very happy with our purchase, i head to chadstone with sara for some unsuccessful boot shopping (see how eager i am to get into autumn clothes? it's crazy. 6 weeks in i'll be wishing for summer again) and then 6 of us meet up for vietnamese celebratory dinner in richmond, where i consume quite a bit of red wine and so much delicious, cheap food.

SUNDAY: ahhhh, sunday. i whip out the sewing machine and spend a good 8 hours sewing up 6 oobees (4 of which are in the shop), including this little fella that i'm keeping for myself:

my oobee

he's made from a piece of cut velvet upholstery fabric that i found at the salvation army for $3 - it's super heavy and beautiful. i've cut two more oobees out of it and think i'll use the remaining bit for a pillow or something, it's just too good to not use every scrap. this guy was actually supposed to be for the shop but i sewed his ears on backwards and forgot to put an oobee tag on him, i took these as signs that he should live with me. he's stuffed with scrap wool yarn from bendigo woolen mills so is extra heavyweight and his legs are very sturdy. i'm pretty smitten.

i'll post pics of the other finished oobees and write the monday blog treat later on today, hopefully it won't be my last post for the week like last time!


  1. CONGRATULATIONS on finding a home! Huzzah! *pops the top off a champagne bottle & takes a big congratulatory swig for yez* :)

  2. Eeee congratulations!!!!!!! There's hope for us young melbournians yet it seems! Very happy for you! Which burb did you end up finding the house in? Are you joining us on the Wessieeede?

  3. Congratulations on your house purchase! Let the fun of putting your own stamp on it begin!! (We want lots of before and after pics, please)

  4. how wonderful! having a home is alot of work but very worth it!
    Ours still needs more work, but we hope to get more done this summer.
    congrats leslie!
    love the cute oobee- so sweet!

  5. This is such wonderful news -- I'm so thrilled for you!

    I really love having our own house. It is, as another commenter said previously, a lot of work. But it's wonderful to come home to your own home every day. If that makes any kind of repetitive sense.

    I can't wait to see pictures of your new home and I'm sure that you & Shane will be very, very happy there.


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