Monday 15 January 2007

monday, monday

man, should i really be starting the week feeling this overwhelmed and stressed out? we spent a lovely weekend at my father-in-law's in bendigo but i forgot my camera and missed out on taking shots of ready-to-go pendants, trees full of green parrots and the most incredible red and fushia gum flowers i've ever seen. couldn't believe it. so add photographing the pendants to my list of things to do this week, which already includes a full to the brim workload, and i'm fighting for air. as such, the giveaway pendants will go out tomorrow instead of today as planned... sorry, folks, but they are looking pretty good and i think will be worth the wait!

the glass doorknob
i just started reading the glass doorknob recently and there is quite a lot to catch up on! shari posts interviews with other inspirational women as well as her own thoughts, beautiful photography and, sometimes, songs recorded with her fella.


  1. I can attest to the fact that the pendants really are worth the wait! I got two and while I am supposed to hand the other one over to someone else, it may not happen just yet (sorry Prue).

  2. Oh, I'm so lookin' forward to getting one!
    I love Shari's blog, I've been reading it every morning and it is such a wonderful inspirational blog.


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