Wednesday 17 January 2007

the first pendants are in the shop!

leaf resin pendant

fushia stamen pendant

i managed to sneek a few photos yesterday and add the first two pendants to my esty shop this morning. all the giveaway pendants and orders are off in the hands of the lovely folks at australia post and i'm feeling like i might slowly be getting a bit on top of things this week. i have a full working bee weekend planned: pendants to put in the shop, an oobee to make for a special order, a website to work on for one of my buddies and a bit of a road trip up to greensborough to pick up a 50s sewing basket full of loot that i won on eBay for a mere $5.50! i also bought two pair of completely-new-looking, gorgeous, handmade socks at the op shop in bendigo last weekend (i know, socks from a secondhand shop seemed a bit gross to me too but they really are in pristine condition and the most lovely pure wool!) that i was hoping to transform into a beautiful pair of sock monkeys but we'll see. if this crazy heat keeps up (41ºC yesterday and predicted 37ºC today), crafting in front of a fan on full blast all weekend might be the only option.


  1. These look very dainty and nice! I like seeing the variety of goodies inside them!

  2. how petite and sweet these are! they are so unique too!!

    Trade ya abit of your heat for our freezing cold....BRrrr.

  3. These are just so gorgeous! The more I look at them, the more they remind me of raindrops with little bits of nature trapped inside. Lovely. :)

    What a great eBay find!! You will share pictures of all that loot, won't you?? ;)

    Hope you all stay cool--too bad I can't send a cool blast of air your way! lol. Its been frigid here the past two days... brrr!

  4. oooh, those drops are so nice!like a raindrop with a treasure! what kind of resin are you using? i once played with the polyester resin but it came out kind of pinky- translucent. Yours look perfect!

  5. Anonymous3:26 am

    Your pendants are SO gorgeous, I love the delicateness of it all. Must check out your store now.

  6. These are BEAUTIFUL! Absolutley. Positively. Gorgeous. :)


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