Wednesday 10 January 2007


baby blanket pink face
off to live in salinas, california

little corduroy blue face
lucky enough to experience the big city lights from brooklyn, new york

i'm almost giddy over having my first two esty sales in the last couple of days. it's funny because i couldn't really care less about the money, my excitement is more about validation that other people, people i don't even know, also see their charm and that i can soon begin making more! i actually have about 4 cut out that i just couldn't justify finishing to add to the pile that was already done. soon, my pretties, soon...

ps. tish and flossy-p, i can't track down email addresses for you two! can you email me at leslie.keating at gmail dot com with your addresses so i can send a pendant out to each of you next week?

updated to add: oops, had the wrong image for the lucky brooklyn bound oobee up and just realized as i packed him up to go! the teal corduroy tan face character is still available here.


  1. Happy New Year Les! Congrats on selling some of your swell stuff from your Etsy shop! I bet you'll miss these two, though - they're so cute and nice. Anyways, hope all is well in Melby!
    Luv Sarah

  2. well these are just so dang sweet! maybe you'd be willing to trade for a tweet? :)

  3. How wonderful about the sales! I love these softies too!

  4. How exciting!!! :D Those two are just sooo cute, I'm not surprised they sold quickly! :) Congrats on your first two (of many, I'm sure!) sales!! ♥

  5. yay!! it's so exciting when those etsy emails come in. Congratulations!!

  6. Hey congratulations! I know exactly what you mean, as I just reopened my store after a long hiatus and have been so stoked about my first sales. Eeek, it's so nice to know that someone appreciates what you do, isn't it?

    I love these little critters - they look so soft and sweet. No wonder others love them too!

  7. Those toys are just beautiful. I love the corduroy one especially.

  8. Congrats on the sales! An no wonder, they look so cute. I love the way you've cut out the faces and the way you stitched the eyes.

    Totally get where you're coming from re the money - it's the validation that means the most to me also.


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