Friday 1 December 2006

things to be excited about

:: my niece amelia's third birthday party this weekend ::

:: thrift shopping in bendigo tomorrow ::

:: visiting bendigo wollen mills and buying delciously cheap bags of wool stuffing ::

:: old fashioned christmas tunes playing ::

:: two of my wonderful friends presenting me with a late birthday present, Handmade in Melbourne, a beautiful book i've been coveting since it came out a few weeks ago ::

:: plans for a full day of christmas baking next sunday ::

:: an upcoming week-long vacation in sydney (only 10 more work days left!) ::

on that note, if anyone has any suggestions of things to do while we're in sydney, please let me know. i definitely plan on visiting kinokuniya to pick up some new japanese craft books but any other shopping tips, beaches we should visit for tidepools, fishing, snorkeling or boogie boarding, day trips (we'll have our car there), etc, would be much appreciated!
cheers, folks.

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  1. hi there

    some of my sydneysider tips are:

    wylies baths in coogee for the most beautiful ocean pool

    gordons bay, between coogee and clovelly for the best 'off the rocks' swim snorkel and sunbake...

    -coffee/lunch at bronte beach

    -a drink at the icebergs (either the chic bar, or the club below, overlooking bondi beach..

    -a walk around surry hills for the latest in design etc, koskela showroom, published art bookstore, the new cloth fabric store, a cocltail at longrain....


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