Tuesday 5 December 2006

more Handmade in Melbourne shout out

i've been pouring over my Handmade in Melbourne book and i really can't say enough about it. beautiful photographs, great writing and a huge variety or artisans presented - everything from jewellers to guitar makers to fashion designers. my very favourite part is that each artist lists their local inspiration, perfect for a relative newbie like me, i now have a long list of shops to check out and galleries to visit. the creative atmosphere of melbourne is really making itself apparent to me of late, so many exciting possibilities happening almost everywhere i look. i'm really enjoying sitting in the background, taking it all in and being constantly inspired, after so many years of being focused on crafting as a business in canada (i made original design leather journals, sketchbooks and photo albums for 6 years, selling them online to a mostly US market and in about 40 boutique shops across canada). i do plan to sell work again someday in the future, maybe even as soon as next year but for now i'm loving the no pressure, do-whatever-i-want, crafting place i'm in right now.

anyway, congrats to all who were involved with the book, it really is spectacular looking and a great read to boot!


  1. Wow -- I'd love that book. Wish we'd still been there when it came out.

  2. Anonymous4:43 am

    I don't think many people realize how many wonderful things are being produced in Australia right now.

    I'd love to go back - I haven't had a chance to visit Melbourne yet! (May be a good excuse to visit the future-sister-in-law).

  3. Anonymous8:11 am

    this book looks fantastic. Home to move back to Melbourne next year in 2007


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