Thursday 30 November 2006

le sock monkey(s)

sock monkey

sock monkey

il finito! excuse the bad photos - i had to use the work camera and lou is sort of holding the sock monkey bum through the boards of the bench to keep them sitting upright so they look a bit awkward. i made these two using instructions found through the marvelous kiddley and a photo tutorial here. the only thing i did differently was to sew the limbs, ears and mouth on using the machine (cut slits in the body sock and sewed them in from the wrong side before stuffing the body) instead of sewing them onto the outside by hand. my hand sewing skills are substandard at best and i'm lazy to boot so...

anyway, they were quite easy overall, a bit of a struggle to work with the stretchy material and i ran out of polyfill so had to use my good wool stuffing for the green one, resulting in little white woolen tendrils now peeking out from the sock material. he's sort of shedding perpetually. hmm.


  1. Very cute! Thanks for the tutorial, I'll make one for my nephew Callums first birthday.

  2. I love them -- they have such character!

  3. Anonymous3:35 pm

    Wow, such an original take on the sock monkey. These really work and have SUCH personality! Well done.


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