Wednesday 17 May 2006

worst. blogger. ever.

wow, it's been a really long time since i wrote anything on either of my blogs. i thought i'd somehow have all this time while i'm here in canada to write all sorts of interesting posts but there just hasn't been time! i'm in edmonton now, surrounded by family and brilliant pals and therefore, haven't been up to much craft-wise. i do have my very first knit sweater on the go, based on a jo sharp pattern with my bendigo woolen mill finds, but it's progressing pretty slowly - i'm thinking it may be done for next aussie winter. i bought an absolute ton of stuff at dressew in vancouver - thread and roll ends and embroidery thread and trim - and the grand total with tax was still only $35. sweet. and i have a whole suitcase devoted to fabric that my once super crafty mom has decided to get rid of so that's pretty damn exciting! i see a whole slew of bags being worked on as soon as i'm back to my sewing machine and then making their way back across the ocean to special people here.

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