Friday 23 December 2005

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My friend Sarah (who hopefully will have a blog up and running soon!) sent me a link to these disturbingly odd vintage ski masks, posted last year at a blog I'd never read before, SWAPATORIUM. Now, these ski masks are indeed terrifying (could you IMAGINE walking down a dark wintery alley and coming across THESE?) but I think the idea for this blog, to document thrift shop finds, especially old photos, is brilliant and right up my alley. About 8 years ago I found a bounty of vintage black and white pics at the Salvation Army in Edmonton, I couldn't resist them and bought the entire box for about $10 bucks. I think most of these were taken in the 30's and they are just incredible, I can't even tell you how many times I've pulled them out over the years and poured over them, wondering about the story behind each one. Here are a couple of my favourites:

Aren't they great? I have about 80 of them so it was a bit hard to choose which ones to post but the crazy ladies on the beach in full overcoats is just too good to not show the world! Aside from browsing new blogs I've been baking up a holiday cookie storm over here:

At top and bottom are vanilla shortbread dipped or drizzled in dark chocolate, I used Martha Stewart's basic recipe that I had in an old Living issue and added vanilla bean paste for an extra little treat. In the middle, another Martha recipe with a slight variation, Chewy Chocolate Gingerbread
with my own burnt sugar glaze (these are the best bloody cookies on the face of the planet and I only allow myself to make them at Christmas, lest I end up weighing 300 pounds), simply follow the recipe and then once the cookies are cool, melt about a cup of sugar in a saucepan over low heat until fluid and a dark golden colour, then drizzle over top. NOTE to Australians wanting to make this recipe: I've found it impossible to find molasses here in Oz, the first year we lived here I used golden syrup with good results and this year I used treacle, which I discovered is pretty much the same as molasses anyway.

And finally, here is the print I put together for Shane's niece Amelia for her second birthday, along with a little stuffed animal I whipped up for her. I'll post more on the design of these at a later date, I've already rambled enough today plus I've got a gingerbread house to bake and construct!

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