Thursday 5 January 2006

it's been a grand ol' day

aside from the fact that our apartment gets almost no light, making decent photo taking nearly impossible, i had a lovely day of errand running (read: shopping). bought a new sheet set in a beautiful grey-ish blue colour called "duck egg" (i waffled over it for a bit and the name really sold me) (yes, i know duck's eggs aren't really blue. are they?) and some lined cotton fabric at Spotlight and five new colours of thread from the remnant warehouse off chapel street (which is closing down soon and has everything 50% off right now). oh, lots of parenthesis today! i can't help it, it's just how my brain works. in conversation i'm always interrupting myself with back info and pertinent tidbits and i must, MUST do it here as well. i just can't not. so anyway, i also bought some hair dye after staring at the roots from my wedding streaks (6 months ago) for the past few weeks, something needs to be done so "natural dark ash blonde" it is. then next week i can get heaps of it cut off and be all spiffed up for work. also had some great thrifting finds today in an op shop on glenferrie road. i scored a huge linen tablecloth with greyish taupe embroidery designs and two vintage wicker picnic baskets for $5 each. i would have photos but there are already enough coming up here.

on to crafts which will no doubt be disappointing because i've built them up all week! first off we have my new magnet board, purchased at IKEA, with my newly created seashell and river stone magnets. i saw something similar in one of the martha stewart magazines i was scanning before Christmas and LOVED them. good thing i have a ridiculous amount of shells and other treasures from our recent travels around Oz.

and next one of a pair of cushions i made in celebration of our new couch finally being delivered. they're a super soft wool and cashmere felt with cotton, mohair, alpaca and wool yarn detail. i'm really happy with them, although not happy at all with the photo, bloody dark apartment.

i found out yesterday that there is space available in the Melbourne Botanic Gardens "Market in the Gardens" so i'm getting an application together. it's only one weekend a month so it would be a great chance to get some feedback without too big of a commitment. eventually i want to be in a weekly market but this would be a perfect way to start out. and one last little craft morsel, i signed up for my little mochi's latest postcard swap today and i'm SO EXCITED about it! i've been designing postcards in my head all day but i don't want to settle on anything too quickly. i want to savour the creative process and make sure i'm totally happy with what i'm sending out, it'll be fun to play around with some stuff.

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