Tuesday 20 December 2005

good & better

Shane and I went to Bendigo for the weekend to spend time with some of his family who are here from Perth for the holidays. It was his nephew Drew's second birthday on Saturday and since Jamie, the other nephew had his fourth birthday a few weeks ago, I made them both a special present for their room (along with other assorted store bought goodies). The print below were made from pictures I took of the boys and some flowers growing in their front yard when we visited in October plus scans of some drawings they had made for my birthday, all printed on fabric and sewn onto canvas with a "mat" of Kool-Aid dyed fabric.

I then staple-gunned the completed prints to store bought canvases. I'm really happy with them and their mom, Shane's sister Cathy, was rapt. I've made a more girly one for Shane's niece for Christmas so I'll post pics of that this week too. In other crafty news, I whipped up a bag on Friday afternoon specifically for shopping outings (can you tell I have a bit too much time on my hands at the moment?). Australia is very plastic bag conscious, which is fantastic, but the green fabric bags we use for groceries just aren't going to cut it on Chapel Street.

I used fabric I picked up at DressSew in Vancouver, with Kool-Aid dyed and wool/cashmere felt pockets, and leather handles. I've been using it almost everyday and loving it!

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