Monday 11 May 2015

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Well, I'm admitting defeat in the blogging area. I have ideas for posts and lots to share but time and energy to do so are in short supply. SO until further notice, please find me on Instagram (@mazeandvale) for regular/daily updates about what I'm working on and what is going into the shop (you don't need a smart phone or device to follow or check up on me on Instagram, it can be done right on your computer  by clicking here). You can also find most of the same info on my Facebook page. And for a monthly digest of what is hitting the shop, including new products and Sample Packs, please sign up for my newsletter, right over there in the sidebar.

Hopefully next year, when both of my wee ones will be in school, I'll be able to eke out a little time to get back into this community as I really do miss it. Until then!

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