Sunday 26 October 2014

So much thanks.

I just had to write tonight to say thank you so, so much to all of you who supported my work this weekend. These past few weeks, aside from market prep and the general chaos of managing a small business, a household, a puppy and two small children, I've also been negotiating with a company in India to import a 2000 meters of organic cotton - a massive deal for me and the biggest expense (by a long shot) that I've had to take on for Maze & Vale. I need the fabric to grow and achieve the things I want to but especially to be able to produce quilt kits based on my own patterns, something that I've hoped to do since I started printing fabric but have been held back by the expense and the lack of a consistent supply of the organic cotton I prefer to use.

So mid-last week, I got the official invoice for my fabric import and I realised that along with paying a 50% deposit on the order, I also have my lease payment happening this week and it all became very real, suddenly - that I'm actually running a business here... or at least trying to. And I spent a couple of tossey turney nights wondering how it was all going to balance out and whether such a big chunk of money for fabric was really the best idea right now and then...

THEN I updated the shop with all that I have been working on the past few weeks, I put it out into the world and hoped that it would be well received and in a few short hours you guys took all of my worries and doubts and stress away. While I spent the day with a lovely group, teaching them the fun of block printing and freeform patchwork, sat back and watched the calm joy of creating, you all came to my rescue. I will be paying the deposit on my fabric tomorrow and while I wrap up each of the epic number of orders that were placed this weekend, I will thank you again for allowing me to continue on with this journey. I sincerely couldn't do it without you. x

ps. the 3 for $20 panel sale is still on for one more day in case you are worried you've missed out! Use the discount code 3FOR20 at checkout until the end of the 27th.


  1. So good to hear. I have just placed my order and am delighted to play a part in supporting your wonderful business endeavours.

  2. My order arrived today (and is featured in my blogpost) thank you Leslie!

  3. Anonymous4:05 pm

    Hi Leslie,
    Will you be making kits for the bags that you made at Craft Sessions? Would love to get one if so...

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