Thursday 23 October 2014

New Sample Packs, Dropcloth Artwork, Clothpot kits and panels!

That's right, folks - Sample Packs aplenty, new Dropcloth Artwork, new panels AND 3 for $20 panel deal all happening this Saturday! You'll be able to find it all at, I'll post a reminder Saturday morning as well :)

That's right, all sorts of newness hitting the Maze & Vale shop on Saturday morning! The update will take place at 9:00am AEST (Melbourne time) - if you are overseas and unsure of what time it is in Melbs, you can click here to find the current Melbourne time and then work out the time difference to where you are.

Sample Packs
Dropcloth Artwork
I saved half of the Sample Packs that I made last week for this shop update (the other half were snaffled up at Finders Keepers {which was a very fantastic weekend, by the way. Thanks heaps if you visited!}) and there are still plenty of great Dropcloth Artworks available from the latest batch of 50 - my bigger printing table means bigger dropcloth means bigger issue runs - yay!

Brand new DIY Clothpot Kits launching tonight at @finders_keepers market! If you're visiting, I'll be at stall E10, very close to the NEW extra entrance on the Nicholson Street side of the building.
I printed up a new Clothpot Kit with my Flight design in Dove Grey and Fragments in Pitcher Pink, a super cute reversible design that I could see working very well in a baby nursery or even just to brighten up an office, really.

Sashiko in Husk on organic cotton
Sashiko on charcoal linen
I'll also be launching my new design, Sashiko, printed in Charcoal on charcoal 100% linen and Husk on 100% organic cotton. This design is a representation of the ancient Japanese cloth mending technique and I'm really pleased at how it prints. I got a larger screen made of this one, and one for Fragments as well, so I will be able to offer yardage for both of these designs.

To sweeten the shop update even further, I'll be offering 3 for $20 fabric panels for three days only! A great chance to stock up for some holiday sewing, perhaps? Or just a little stash enhancement? ;)

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