Thursday, 13 February 2014

Reinventing this space

Pulling together fabrics for a custom single quilt, I think it will be very sweet :)

You may notice a new header up there, a new little gif that proclaims this here space to be my project journal. See the last couple of years have been pretty sparse in terms of blog posts, yes, I have been busy but I also kind of lost my voice here, lost my focus. In the beginning it was just me blathering on and then then it was all about the ups and downs of having babies and then I started to feel uncomfortable sharing so much about my kids publicly online and now, as they grow older, their story is not my story to tell to the entire world, you know? But all through that has also been my creative escapades and exploration and that's what I want to get back to. With the Maze & Vale banner at the top of the page, this space felt too "business" to me somehow, like I could only share M&V related work or something and I often felt like I was just rehashing things I'd already shared on the Maze & Vale Facebook page. So basically, here's the sitch - if you want the most current news on what I'm working on for Maze & Vale in short form and to find out about shop updates, check the M&V Facebook page. If you want to see other little peeks of my life plus Maze & Vale stuff, check my Instagram feed. And if you want more details than I can share on the aforementioned or enjoy a bit of rambling, then stay where you are and sit yourself down.

To kick this off, the pile above is a selection of fabrics pulled for a custom single sized quilt for a lovely client who I made a queen sized quilt for years ago. This quilt will be for her baby daughter who is turning one in a couple of months and I'm trying to fit in as many pops of cute prints as I can find in the colour scheme. I think a trip to Amitie or GJs for stash enhancement might be in order, something I haven't done for literally years but would so enjoy! Amitie would be my first pick but GJs is oh so close to Rathdowne Remnants which is always tantalising...

I was hoping to go today but I have dropcloth artwork to photograph, a sample to make for my workshops later this year at The Craft Sessions, market applications to send off and episodes of The Paradise to watch throughout. My work days are pretty ace :)


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