Wednesday 5 February 2014


Printing custom yardage of an oldie that I never released as panels - might be time to print some?

My biggest kid started primary school this week and we're all just settling into the new routine that will see us through the rest of the year. What a bizarre set of emotions this experience has brought out, such a strange mix of nostalgia and sadness, excitement and bursting pride. She is SO keen, my Miss Mae and has been loving the first few days, as I knew she would. Our school is lovely and very local and she has a great set of long time friends in her class, it's really the perfect introduction to her school years.

I'm easing myself into my new work schedule, trying to catch up on printing as stocks are getting a bit low on some prints and doing a bit of custom work. I had a request for a meter of one of my older, never released prints, spotted by a very keen eye on a gorgeous quilt made by the lovely Kate of Two Little Banshees (I'd sent her a few pieces along with her order). And strangely, I'd just been thinking about this neglected LoveHearts screen the weekend before, not really sure why I have never offered it for sale. So I'll be printing some panels of this one, finally in Pale Grey and Perfect Red and popping them in the shop in the next couple of days, I hope they'll find good homes :)

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  1. I am not usually a love heart person, but I loved this fabric so much, it is perfect in grey or red!


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