Tuesday 9 October 2012

it's beginning to look a lot like...

you know what? in reality, in never really looks like christmas here in australia but that's not stopping me from getting into the festive spirit a little early anyway. hey, if the supermarkets can start selling christmas cake on october 1st, i can certainly start sewing linen stockings (available at finders keepers next week and online after that), print more advent panels and dream up a new holiday buddy in the form of...
oobee reindeer

yes, indeedy, oobee reindeer are back! this time in DIY form as a kit complete with soft corduroy for the body, luxurious wool/cashmere for the antlers, 100% wool felt for the face and belly button and extra fuzzy organic cotton/hemp fleece for the underside of the ears and tail. i have 8 kits available in these fabrics right now and am sourcing some wool felt and corduroy to make new sets. since these 8 are a bit of a short run and used up existing fabric from my stash, they are at the bargain price of $20 - the new kits will probably be $22-24, depending on what price i can get the materials for (wool felt is pretty darned pricey).

also in a holiday theme, i've added advent panels in alabaster white ink on flax linen/cotton to the shop as well:
advent panel on flax linen/cotton

and have started an advent board on pinterest  to help with inspiration to create your own advent calendar. there are all sorts of different ideas and all would work great with these numbers, there are even a few great examples of calendars made last year using my advent numbers in red : )


  1. That reindeer oobee is totally adorable Leslie!

  2. Oooh, love the white! But very glad I don't have to make mine this year - totally worth the effort.

  3. Could you please put an diy oobee reindeer kit aside for me to pick up at Finders Keepers on Friday? Want to get an oobee as well but want to choose in person.

  4. Will do, Brianna! x


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