Tuesday 16 October 2012

finders keepers this weekend

It's all go, go, go around here this week, Finders Keepers kicks off on Friday night and as usual, I'm chasing my tail to finish off all that I want to bring with me! I'll have new bucket totes, new oobees, new cushion covers and all the usual lovely fabric (including some new panels not yet shown here), dropcloth art and cards, and assorted goodies. Come for a visit, I'll be in the middle aisle (near the coffee, hooray!) with Joanna of Miette Handmade and her gorgeous quilts, trying not to sneak off and do too much shopping myself...

new bucket totes
new oobees


  1. feeling excited now (despite another dream last night that I turned up without the quilts!?!) xx

  2. Best of luck - I know you'll do so well again.
    Also, is that mustard feathers on yellow fabric I see? I love it! When your creative life has settled down a little (ie. your markets are done) I would love to talk fabric purchases with you. Love the yellow on yellow and those love hearts. Love your work Leslie, especially the sneaky unreleased stuff it would seem. x

  3. Goodluck Leslie!

    I can't seem to stay away from your store for very long :)



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