Wednesday 20 June 2012


3 for $20 handprinted fabric panels

it's been awhile since i had one and i'm feeling the need to make a bit of room in my fabric panels section - i have new inks and new prints to add so some of my older ones will have to go. for the next few days you can choose the three fabric panels of your choice for only $20 (normally $10 each). the sale ends late sunday, june 24th.

like i said, i have new inks and new designs in the works and have added a small sampling of the one you've previously spied to the shop. introducing...

small forest in storm
small forest in storm, a deep, inky french navy;

small forest in husk
small forest in husk, a pale, earthy sort of yellow (gorgeous in real life, hard to photograph);

small forest in overcast
and small forest in overcast, a muted, dusty blue green.

there are more to come but first head over to the shop, stock up and help clear my shelves. i'm going to print my fabric panels on premium quilting cotton only from now on (not to fear, i have fat quarters of linen and linen/cotton to come in july but let's not get sidetracked) so grab the last few linen/cotton prints that are still available!

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  1. Score! I am going to blog about the lovelies I received from you today, so I'll make sure to mention the sale as well. I love the new mushroom design.


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