Tuesday 19 June 2012

handprinted fabric swap :: one week to mail out

 one week to go until the postage deadline for handprinted: a fabric swap! it's been pretty quiet out there - or have i just been to busy to visit everyone's blogs? let me know in the comments if you have posted about your printing, i'd love to see what every one has come up with. and if you haven't started, dive in!

and shamefully, i realised the other day that i never actually showed the fabrics i received last time in the swap, although i always meant to. i was in two swap groups to make up numbers (which is ironic because this time i'm actually not in a swap group at all because there just wasn't room!) and i got so many beautiful pieces of cloth from amazing makers. i'm thinking about making a quilt with these, or a big set of cushion covers... so hard to decide! here are the ones i took photos of last december, there were a couple of other gorgeous prints that i got a bit later that i need to find and photograph:

handprinted fabric swap goodies
from lisa (who wasn't in my swap group but is a lovely friend : ) and the ladies at heuteschmidt;

handprinted fabric swap goodies
from lara (ink & spindle) and michelle;

handprinted fabric swap goodies
and from suzy and jesse breytenbach.


  1. I mailed my fabric today, yay :) I've blogged it here: http://rubyinthedustdolls.blogspot.co.nz/2012/06/weekend.html
    You got some gorgeous fabrics last time; they look amazing together!

  2. Anonymous9:56 pm

    my fabrics you can see here ... i send some flowerdots in the world, printed with a cork lid from a `fleur de sel` tin ...


  3. Darn. I missed the swap this time. How did that happen...can't wait to see pix and will be on the lookout for the next one! ;) Jules Means

  4. I posted about the playing around I did to finalize a technique for the swap here.

    Leslie, the fabric you were sent for the last swap are great! I love the blue hills!

  5. I JUST printed my fabric today, and gotta say I love the way it turned out! I had a friend over and bought her lunch for her help in holding my screen and prepping fabric. Pictures to come!

  6. I mailed my fabric last Monday! I also posted about it http://featheredneststudio.com/2012/06/15/more-handprinted-fabric/

  7. i've been quietly obsessing over this for the last couple of weeks. thinking about my design, looking for inspiration, becoming paralyzed with indecision. mostly because there are so many things i want to try. will be printing today and hope to have it mailed out by the end of the week!
    love the fabrics in your post! now off to see what the other participants who've shared came up with.

  8. Yep I have been busy screen printing and put a little post up on "my creative space" Still got a bit to do but I will meet the deadline :)


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