Friday 1 June 2012

handprinted friday::screenprinting

custom printed linen
{three colour screen print by me}

last day for swap sign ups, everyone! it's an amazing collection of people so far, over 50 folk from the US, canada, australia, new zealand, the UK, ireland, germany and budapest (don't panic if you've signed up and i haven't mentioned your country, it's late and my brain is mush!). today i wanted to show some examples of screen printing but like i said, it's late and i can't decide which ones to show so instead i am going to direct you over to my handprinted board on pinterest where pretty much every second photo is of screen printed awesomeness. it's a cop-out, i know but i've stayed up way past my bedtime sewing my second tova dress in a hand printed linen (very fitting!) and am eager to get to bed - and wear my new dress tomorrow ; )  thanks to everyone who has signed up so far and if you're on the fence, seriously go check out that board and see if you don't find yourself a bit carried away with inspiration, happens to me every. time.


I love to hear your thoughts, thanks so much for taking the time to comment! If you have a question to ask, I will answer it here (and by email as well, if I can track down your email address). I would love to reply to every single comment but until Blogger makes it easier to reply by email, please know that I am so happy you stopped by : )


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