Thursday 31 May 2012

handprinted thursday::hand printed type

eep, sorry, this one is coming in a bit late! only two days to go now until the handprinted swap sign up deadline (i'll keep sign ups open until june 1st is officially over everywhere in the world, just to be fair) and today i wanted to share some amazing examples of hand printed type. as a former graphic designer and typography nerd, i'm always drawn to type, combine it with ink and fabric and it's pretty hard to go wrong.

{screenprinted cushion cover by Pony Rider}

{screenprinted pouches by Unni Strand}

{stenciled cushion cover by Wit & Whistle}

{potato prints by Dietlind Wolf (my styling idol)}

{screen printed fabric by Cloth}

{screen printed fabric by Spin Spin}

1 comment:

  1. Hi there!

    Thank you for featuring my pouches.
    And BTW I love your work and your blog!

    Have a lovely day!


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