Thursday 10 May 2012

diy skirt kits

diy skirt kit

so hot on the heels of the diy oobee kit, here is the diy skirt kit! and you're thinking, how DOES she do it?? well, in reality these have been in my etsy shop since february and i somehow forgot to blog about them so they've just been sitting there very quietly. but then last week someone ordered one! and she sent me super cute photos and great feedback on the kit and i thought, hmmm, these skirts are pretty darn cute, maybe i should actually let the world know that they exist. the kit comes with your choice of handprinted fabric combination for skirt and waistband and a handy instruction sheet that walks you through the very simple steps to complete it. it's suitable for beginners and shows you how to customize the fit for ages one through six.

diy skirt kit
diy skirt kit
diy skirt kit

i currently have three fabric options available:

1:: bone coloured 100% cotton skirt printed with pale bubblegum pink many moon dots and grey confetti with grey seedpods printed on grey 100% cotton for the waistband

2:: pink shot cotton (100% cotton) skirt printed with white quill feathers and almost black confetti printed on white 55% linen/45% cotton for the waistband

3:: natural 55% linen/45% cotton skirt printed with black many moon dots and pale pink quill feathers and black quill feathers printed on dark grey 100% cotton for the waistband.

and i'm working on some pinwale corduroy versions to release next month, perfect for an aussie winter skirt. here's mae rocking her fabric combo number 1 version when it was still lovely and warm outside:

diy skirt kit

and here is the gorgeous example of the fabric combo number 2 option that nicole created and so graciously allowed me to show here:

isn't this photo the cutest?? and it must be said, this skirt is all the more impressive because it was nicole's first solo sewing project EVER. i am blown away, she's a total natural!


  1. Leslie, you are too kind! I made a quite a few mistakes. But I think my family and friends spend more time admiring your beautiful fabric than finding my flaws :-) x

    PS. I'm looking forward to making another one!

  2. Lovely kits, lovely fabric, great all round! I really enjoy seeing kids clothes that look individual but still young, if you know what I mean. Well done.


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