Monday 14 May 2012


this has been one cold and wet autumn (with very small patches of lovely scattered throughout) and i am filled with dread that we are still two weeks away from the official start of aussie winter. i've been trying to think of good things about this weather but all i've managed so far is: not as many spiders and very few flies. not exactly uplifting so i thought i'd better bring around some winter joy in the form of:

New boots
new boots (from here),

New shoes
new shoes (new from ebay),

New scarf
new scarf ($5 from st vinnies).

teamed with some warm cozy knits, these three little treats to myself might just get me through the winter. my husband's new birthday ipad may help, too.

also, happy late mother's day! we had a super quiet day, cleaning and organising the house, just what i requested. the crummy weather meant we didn't even attempt to get my mother's day photo on the day this year but i'm hoping for some clearer skies this weekend, i refuse to break the tradition!


  1. happy mother's day! Cute boots!

  2. Love those boots!! I think every girl deserves a new pair of boots to see the winter through :)


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