Monday 16 April 2012


a little succulent replanting in our own sunshine this past weekend.

the lovely joanna tagged me (possibly a couple of weeks ago now... time, time, time, just flies) for the sunshine award thingy (remember when these were called memes? why was that? and are they not anymore?) that is doing the blog rounds. i haven't done one of these for ages so thanks, joanna, nice to have an excuse to post something other than product shots.

Favourite colour?
my all-time favourite colour is grey, it's the one i'll always choose first in clothing, fabric, housewares, etc. blue is a very close second though, pale, pale turquoise, deep, deep teal, mmmmmm hmmmm, i love me a good blue.

Favourite animal?
birds. colourful, clever, graceful and pretty and endless variations of shape, size and features.

Favourite non-alcoholic drink?
coffee, coffee, coffee.

Facebook or twitter?
facebook. i know it's a bit daggy but i just ignore all the lame game requests and stupid gimmicks that just want to access your information and find it brilliant for keeping up with pals and family back in canada (and even my pals just down the street, really). and my maze & vale page is a good spot to share "work" stuff when i can't manage a full blog post.

Favourite number?
19. it's been my favourite since i was about 12 or so and, although i don't remember the year i was actually 19 being all that great, i'm sticking with it.

Favourite day of the week?
currently, thursday. i loooooooove my kids but i loooooooove having a day to myself. the silence and freedom to tackle whatever i want for hours on end is a balm for my sanity.

My passions? 
my family, my house, my camera, sewing, colour, design, cloth.

Getting or giving presents?
i like to give, i like to get but the scales probably tip in the give favour, especially when it comes to my kids. i usually have their birthday and christmas presents planned months in advance.

Favourite pattern?
i'm drawn to circles and dots, preferably lacking in distinct pattern. i like a bit of random in my patterns.

Favourite flower?
impossible to pick a favourite. off the top of my head, i love hellebores, dogwood, hydrangea, grevillea and eucalyptus blooms.

so my turn to share some sunshine now, i'm tagging:


  1. loving your succulents. we're a bit succulent mad over at our place too!


  2. I so had you nailed on 'grey'. And pale blue. And I probably would have signed you up for a slightly acid-y, mustardy yellow to boot. And I'd love to play! (just cut me some slack on the days turning into weeks bizzo 'kay?)

  3. Lovely answers Leslie! And those photos are gorgeous...


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