Friday 13 April 2012


misprint 100% linen handprinted teatowel

i popped these special edition teatowels in the shop last weekend and forgot to post about them (i think it was actually trying to pin them onto my handprinted board on pinterest that started all the flickr/pinterest drama and probably distracted me). they started out as misprints of my melbourne days design, i decided to overprint them, play with some colour, see what happened. it was crazy good fun. i created five, with the same prints and colours but each just a little bit different from the next, and now only two are left. pop over to the shop if you'd like one for yourself.

misprint 100% linen handprinted teatowel
misprint 100% linen handprinted teatowel


  1. They're really lovely - don't you love how some things just organically evolve!


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