Sunday 29 April 2012

show off

i've been lucky enough to see some great stuff being done with my fabric lately:

amanda sent me an email showing some some gorgeously embellished shirts she made for her daughters using a panel of stormy weather in alabaster on grey and a bit of embroidery - super clever.

 Cloud Cushions
joanna ordered a custom printed meter of stormy weather in glacier on bone cotton and used it to make cushion covers for her cloud-loving sister. this was really fun to print, such a nice combination!

Grey days 
and mel made this AMAZING, KING SIZED patchwork quilt top in greys using a bunch of different maze & vale prints mixed in with some aunty cookie goodness among others. i love this so much, i really need to make some time for quilting again soon.

thanks so much for letting me share your photos, ladies! x 


  1. Isn't it cool to see your fabrics transformed into a finished object - love it!!! And the T-Shirts have just given me a great idea...

  2. Hi Leslie. I love those t-shirts. What a great idea. I just brought my first ever sewing project from your shop. The fabric is so beautiful. Fingers crossed I can make it! Nicole

  3. Anonymous11:32 pm

    wonderful shirts,, what a great idea!!!

  4. You are very creative and resourceful! I'm amazed with your t shirt idea. It seems like you're one of the master t shirt manufacturers because of this unique design.


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