Sunday 5 February 2012



we've been off to 3 year old kinder orientation, which everyone is more than ready for! it's only five hours a week, spread over two afternoons but i'm looking forward to having those hours to spend with my sophster and mae is thrilled to have the extra play time with some old and new buddies.

and another skirt


testing out patterns for a skirt kit i'm cooking up. i think the bottom one with the less bulky waistband is the final winner (in my mind, mae doesn't seem to care and loves them both. i'm going to keep sewing as much as i can for her while she's going through this very appreciative phase) so look out for these in the shop later this week.


grabbing a full frontage shot of my XOX quilt for modern day quilts where it was featured the other day (hooray!)


goofball no.2

and just watching my kids be goofballs, which they excel at : )


  1. Anonymous9:01 pm

    Gosh Mae is getting so cute!

  2. The munchkins are looking SOOOO cute! Man, I miss them! xoxox

  3. Anonymous3:15 pm

    Those are some terrific pictures!


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