Wednesday 1 February 2012

by the meter


i have finally added three listing in my shop for custom handprinted fabric by the meter. you can choose 100% cotton (quilting weight), 55% linen 45% cotton (on the light side of mid-weight) or 100% linen (heavyweight), then choose one of my designs and your ink colour. they aren't particularly cheap but they take me quite a long while to print and will be done with extreme love and care : )  i have had quite a few inquiries about yardage in the last couple of weeks, including my first "big" order of two meters of stormy weather, shown above, which was super exciting for me. hopefully these listings will make it a bit easier for people to consider all their options for a project and free up a bit of the time i spend answering inquiries (not that i mind, people! ask away!).

as i was printing this fabric on sunday night i realised it was exactly 90 days since i officially launched my handprinted fabric business. i call it a business but really, it is still a complete hobby at this point, every penny i make goes back into buying fabric and ink and screens and i can only work about 12 hours a week. but i had a good long ponder and a smile over how far i've come in 90 days, how AWESOME everything is going with maze & vale so far, how happy i am with pretty much every little thing in my life right now. i started this venture as a way to explore the things i am most passionate about (fabric, design, colour, handmade), i want to stay small but busy for the next couple of years while my kids are at home and hopefully by the time sophie enters primary school (still four years away), i'll be ready for some big steps forward. i want a business i can be proud of, that i can run from home or more likely, a local studio, in the hours that my kids are in school and still be able to drop them off and pick them up, make their breakfast, lunches, dinners, spend time with them. hopefully, these 90 days have been the start to that. thank you to everyone who is helping me get there, sincerely.


  1. well done Leslie.. 90 days! that's a great effort! x

  2. I am SO happy that it is all going so well for you... Woo Hoo! I hope it continues to do so and you fulfill your dream!!! It's very inspiring :)

  3. your fabric is beautiful; I really like your color palette and designs! well done on your first 90 days :)

  4. congrats, Leslie! I'm in awe of your ability to pack so much in and do such BIG printing! I'm still on smaller that Fat Quarters...can't imagine being able to print bigger!

  5. So glad to hear it's going well. It's been really interesting to follow your journey over the last few years to this point and see how things have developed. Thanks for the inspiration!
    (and your confetti prints are fitting in perfectly with my new quilt!)

  6. Well done gorgeous girl. I never doubted it for a moment!

  7. Leslie, I've never personally met you but I can say that I'm so proud of you!! It's been inspiring seeing your path to starting your new biz develop and you've done it with such grace & determination. I hope to get there soon myself! Hugs & continued successes!! Devon


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