Saturday 5 November 2011

handprinted: a fabric swap update

aw, thanks so much for the kind and encouraging comments on my last post, everyone! i've had an excellent first week as maze & vale and i am so ridiculously excited about the future of this hobby o' mine. things are pretty busy around here (i literally ran around like a crazy person on my childfree thursday to try and accomplish HALF of what was on my to do list) but i've had a few moments to pop into blogs and i've been seeing some great stuff for the handprinted fabric swap:

{block printed by lisa}

{block printed by riyo

wip: screen print
{screen printed by rebecca}

i haven't had a chance to get around to everyone so please leave a link in the comments if you've posted your printing results, i'd love to check it out and share with the group.


  1. the fabrics showing up in the pool have been great! today I worked on mine all day, drawing, cutting, mixing, prepping fabric and then came the printing...never before have I had such an epic fail while screen printing!!!!! after ruining a ton of fabric, I think it was due to the thickness of the stencil material (plastic stuff instead of my normal contact paper-a thinner option) and my attempting to hold the screen and pull the print all by myself, which I have dome but was not helping me this time from keeping my screen from moving around... I may post some pics of the results, lets be open shall we? It doesn't always go right...and that's just fine :)

  2. hi Leslie! This was such a fun swap and i truly enjoyed the whole process of learning something new. thanks so much!! mine are all on their way to my swap partners, but i've just now managed to post it if you'd like to see what I made...look here
    thanks again!! xx


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