Friday 15 July 2011

to do::july

shirt by me
top for mae that i started at last month's craft weekend and finished at this month's. it's an ottobre pattern but very heavily modified because i screwed up royally and planned to do a whole post about the spur of the moment modifications but am too lazy so let's just marvel at how cute it turned out in the end.

projects crossed out are finished, new ones in bold:

• two summer tops for mae (one needs hemming + buttons, one has disappeared?)
• top for mae
• dress for me (cut out)
• dress for me (needs hemming + buttons)
• jacket for me (just needs buttons fixed...)
• placemats for mae

• beanbag game/pattern (testing pattern)
• oobee blankee pattern (make samples)
• special edition oobees
• doll carrier for mae (tweak pattern and remake)

• queen size ds inspired quilt (finish quilting, binding)
• blue fields solid quilt (needs backing, basting, quilting, binding)
• pale pinks+neutrals quilt (piecing top)
• mae's quilt (needs backing, basting, quilting, binding)
• handprinted+natural linen quilt (piecing top)
• yellow+green+linen rivers quilt (piecing top)
• stripes pattern test quilt
• stripes pattern playmat sample
• stripes pattern single sample

not a lot of new stuff to show on the list this month, which is a good thing. and i think i'm abandoning the monthly to do list now, as i'll be away next month and then it's straight into making stuff for markets and christmas and there will be too much stuff started and finished to keep track of monthly. hopefully.

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